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Why Do Hotels Ask for ID When Going in the Premises

Big hotels, sometimes even the middle-class hotels must scan and check the IDs of all customers coming into the restaurant. This helps in the safety of the hotel but sometimes it can be a barrier. Not all customers like to give out their identity, and feel that their right to privacy has been invaded. If you have meetings regularly at a certain hotel, you may be recognized as a loyal customer and give yourself discounts on purchases, your services may be upgraded. Some hotels do not let in certain ages, IDs contain the age of the holder. This will help the hotel not rent out the room of the customer because it is the hotels’ policy.

As a good business, you have

As a good business, you have to know who is in your property at all times. In case of accidents or robbery, it will be simpler to find out what happens than when you have no idea who was on your property. For the criminals most wanted, the ‘immediate threat’ who come to hide in hotels and the information you have on them can be used to report them to the government. For an immigrant or visitor visiting a foreign country, information on the ID helps keep track of your whereabouts, tracking systems in well-developed countries more easily located than in less-developed countries.

Why Do Hotels Ask for ID When Going in the Premises

When a fake ID is detected, the owner is not let in the premises, this means that bad consumers have ill motive towards property, or they do not want to be recognized that is why they use fake IDs into the premises. People are careless, clumsy, they destroy property so giving details will be much easier to trace the customer to replace it, managers know whom to go after. Checking ID protects other guests, protects the individual and workers around.

Hotels are renting you their space, owners have to be sure who is around, verification of details is important. The owners have to make sure you are cleared by the government, you have clean records. An advantage of giving out information in high-end hotels is that your information is safe, they do not disclose it, this also prevents credit card fraud. In some cases, middle, low hotels or hotels out of your city, do not allow them to have a copy of your details, some use your details to commit crimes and you have to pay for damages not caused by you.

Due to the rise in corruption, front desk managers instead of verifying details, they receive bribes. Receiving bribes is corruption and is breaking the hotel’s policy, it is disrespectful. When you are bribed, you let a thief in your premises, this is dangerous because if anything happens, front office workers are partly to blame. Rules and regulations must be adhered to by both the workers and customers. It helps reduce bad activities like drug abuse and prostitution, though some hotels allow that as long as you pay, most do not allow it. Federal law requires hotels to get information on everyone in the area, this is for the protection of the state.

Monty Lee