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A Visit to Venice, Italy

Venice is a city located in the North-Eastern part of Italy, it is sited within 117 islands and it’s the capital city of the Veneto region. The city is named a sinking city because of underground water which is being pumped out for use as well as the ground below has compacted over time leading to slow subsidence of the city. It was built on a lagoon in the midst of water by barbarians who were fleeing from their pursuant. They looked for a safe destination where nobody would think of attacking them and also it would be easy to defend themselves.

But what is it like to visit Venice? You cannot travel to Venice by car as there are no roads built. Boats and ferries are the means of transport, locals use boats to connect from one particular island to another since the town is a connection of numerous islands. Canals were built to connect each island to another and the longest canal is about 3Kilomteres which meanders through the whole city. There are popular rides known as Gondola rides where you will sail a boat while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the old buildings.


Small squares where you can sit and relax are built around the main town of Venice. This main town is small in space and a tourist can decide to take a walk through the whole city. A person will forget about all other tourist attraction sites which are crowded. St. Mark’s Square is located right at the center of Venice where you will find traditional beautiful buildings surrounding the area. Visitors play games with pigeons abundantly found in this Square.

St. Mark’s Basilica is the most renowned building, which is a church located in the town. This church structure is important as it is the oldest Italian architecture. It is beautifully painted using the fresco’s method, astonishing sculptures are found here. The people who built the town designed a tower known as Campanile where a bell is usually found. An elevator is used to take the visiting people to the top, and they get the most beautiful view. Campanile is a tall tower, in fact, there is no other building taller than Campanile, therefore, you will be able to view almost the whole city at a glance.

On the banks of Canale Grande,

The longest canal that is 3Kilometres is named Canale Grande and connects the whole city. This canal is usually busy every day as tourists sail through it while visiting attraction sites. Surprisingly, there are very few bridges crossing the canal because people sail through it and not crossing. The most popular bridge crossing the canal is known as Ponte di Rialto. The bridge was originally wooden but due to the weight of people, it collapsed around 1524. Afterward, fascinating stonework was erected and is still intact up to date. You can buy jewelry here as well as food that is usually prepared by the inhabitants.

On the banks of Canale Grande, there is a museum which contains important works of some ancient researchers such as Da Vinci. The building was a convent but was later transformed into a museum in early 1700. An island that separates or creates a barrier between Venice and the Adriatic Sea is known as Lido. Lido acts as a residential area inhabited by over 20,000 inhabitants. Venice Lido is a cool place to visit as the place is not overcrowded as compared to other tourist attraction sites.

A Visit to Venice, Italy

The bridge, known as the Bridge of Sigh enables people to access St. Mark’s Square. It contains attractive scenes that attract tourists to visit this area. The bridge was named Sigh as when some offenders were found guilty in Doges Palace they would walk through it, and they would take a last glimpse, cry as well as sigh before being thrown to prison. In the city there are trains and you can walk on foot but all these methods are not thrilling like using a Vaporetto to tour around.

This method of transport uses canals as it’s more of a boat. When you enter the town, you will buy one ticket that will enable you to use Vaporetto without buying tickets each time you board one. Venice is a beautiful destination to visit, especially during important holidays.

Mikky Altman