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Reasons Why Hotel Rooms Are Numbered in Three Digits

Room numbers consist of three digits so that the numbers flow in a consistent pattern which is easy for hotel users to locate a room. You might have an emergency in your room and be in need of help. When their rooms are randomly numbered, it will be hard for emergency personnel to locate your room. This is catastrophic as there are situations that require immediate response and delays can cause death. Rooms are numbered in three digits with several rules followed to make it much easier for guests to get help whenever they need it in time. The numbering pattern is clear, and you cannot get confused when trying to locate a room.

Hotels have many floors therefore the first digit is supposed to indicate which floor a room is found on. Knowing this, makes it easier to find a room by narrowing a search down to one floor. Numbering of floors must be maintained even when the hotel has more than nine floors. This means that for larger hotels with over nine floors, four digits are used with the first two digits showcasing the number of the floor.

Since most hotels have rooms facing

After identifying the floor in which a room is located, it is important to know which section of the hotel the room is. The second digit shows this so that when a person wants to find a room, they will not have to go through a whole floor but rather have a specific section to find it. A floor number is usually followed by a wing number where a room is found. This is important with hotels that have long floors by narrowing a room location to only one section.

Since most hotels have rooms facing each other, the third digit is used to tell which side of the corridor a room lies on. A hotel might decide to have one side numbered using odd numbers and the opposing side have even numbers. Some hotels alternate these numbers by having an odd number followed by an even number on the same side of a corridor. Whichever way, the third number is given to a room basing on the side of the corridor where it is found.

Reasons Why Hotel Rooms Are Numbered in Three Digits

The hotels that have different buildings in one compound can have a letter added before the room numbers to show the building where it is located. Rooms in different buildings can have the same numbers but are distinguished by the first letter. For you to find a given room, you have to look for it on the building specified by the first letter.

A hotel might decide to increase their number of rooms on a given floor. Naming their rooms in three digits makes it easier for the hotel to add more rooms without affecting room numbers of other rooms. If your hotel does not have this numbering system, you will be forced to rename all your rooms after you decide to expand your hotel. With three digits, you will not be required to change any room numbers as each storey will have their own unique numbers. The three-digit numbering system allows hotels to expand by increasing their number of rooms without having to alter other room numbers.

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