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The Appropriate Way to Behave as A Guest in A Hotel

As a buyer of goods and services, you need to act maturely so that the seller feels motivated to offer excellent customer service. Don’t be inconsiderate of their feelings following the notion that business owners should always treat their customers respectfully, regardless of whether these clients do the same or not. Remember that poor etiquette will not give your vendor a reason to discount your price or maintain a long-term relationship with you. If you intend to stay in a hotel, there are things to do before, during, and after your visit. You should do them out of your own free will without feeling as if anyone is forcing you.

After settling on the hotel you

After settling on the hotel you want to visit, your next step should involve calling the hotel’s staff members to reserve a room in the hotel. Use polite language when obtaining information on the prices and whether there are any available prices. If the price is way beyond your budget, explain whether there are cheaper packages and the services you’ll enjoy if you choose to go with this option. Please don’t respond angrily to show the hotel representative that they’re charging too much. Remember that they are employees who follow orders from the management team, and there is nothing they can do regarding the cost of staying in that hotel.

If you have any special requests,

If you have any special requests, share them beforehand so that the hotel’s management can determine how to meet your needs. Please don’t assume that the hotel’s representatives should know what you want even before asking as it is impossible. Remember that they serve many customers daily, who have different specifications. If they offer the same thing they do to others, you’ll likely be dissatisfied. For instance, if you want tea prepared a specific way, communicate to the relevant personnel so that they avoid bringing something that’s not to your liking. Failure to do this should not be followed by complaints due to receiving less than expected.

The Appropriate Way to Behave as A Guest in A Hotel

It’s impossible to have everything that suits your need because hotels are designed and furnished in a manner that accommodates different people. The owners may lack the resources to ensure that each detail meets the expectations of all their customers. If you find that a given feature may affect your stay, air it out immediately instead of waiting to leave to spread a bad word about the hotel. For example, if your room is cold, making it impossible to sleep, ask for more blankets or a heater to change this situation. You can also ask for an electric kettle if you like drinking warm water so that the hotel’s workers don’t have to knock on your door every minute with a glass of water.

Report any breakages that may happen for the management to decide how best to recover the cost. Please don’t leave the hotel without disclosing that something transpired, regardless of how simple it looks. If you were the hotel’s owner, you would want your guests to be transparent about any issues, so why not do the same. There is no need to feel embarrassed because occurrences such as breakages or stains on the bedding may happen unexpectedly. If you’re avoiding paying an extra amount of money, there’s a likelihood that this won’t happen because most businesses in the hospitality industry have insurance covers for such incidences.

Before leaving, tidy up the room, not to give the staff a challenging time while cleaning. Ensure the bathroom and toilet are clean as no cleaner wants to clean up after a grown-up. Even if you paid to receive such services, remember that these people are decent humans who shouldn’t do everything for you, such as flush a toilet. Avoid leaving the sheets lying on the floor regardless of whether they’re dirty or not. Fold them neatly and place them on the bed so that the cleaners can pick them. Ensure to take all your belongings as you leave as they’ll probably end up in a store or garbage bag.

Your behavior will highly influence the services you’ll receive in a hotel. If you communicate using vulgar language, no employee will want to come to your room to offer requested services. They’ll be counting the number of hours or days until you leave or give more priority to other guests.

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